Kangoo Jumps

Get in shape fast with the newest craze in aerobics, which helps you easily tighten your abdominal muscles. The secret is in the special shoes with integrated trampoline mechanism. It’s proven that with Kangoo Jumps, losing weight is very effective and the reason for that is that during the class you burn more calories and spend more energy than with normal sports shoes, because every shoe weighs 2 kilograms. Great for all muscle groups and especially the inner thighs. This class not only helps with weight-loss, but also has an application in medicine (rehabilitation). Kangoo Jumps protects and strengthens the joints, ankles and back muscles. This sport can be practiced by everyone from children to overweight elderly people and does not require аny preparation. There are no beginner or advanced classes, because your enjoyment of the class is more important.

IMPORTANT: For the Kangoo Jumps class, it’s recommended to train with knee-length cotton socks or or wool gaiters. Signing up for a class on the same day is MANDATORY, due to a limited number of pairs of shoes. Please use the corresponding telephone.


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