Exam for technical degrees in Be shape studio by Rossen for Тaekwon-Do

We are extremely pleased to announce that, once again, with Sabumnim Mario Iliev (V) Dan in our sports club was held a Taekwon-do Technical Exam for children, adolescents and girls. A special guest at the event was Master Boris Atanassov (VII Dan) – President of Advanced Taekwon-Do Bulgaria, TK “Euroatlas” and Advanced Taekwon-Do Europe. Тhe exam passed smoothly and the students from Martial Arts Academy presented themselves well and received internationally valid certificates from ATEU. Christian Miletiev and Elitsa Milosova defended 8 gup (yellow belt), while Malamir and Zhivko Minkovi – 5 gup (green-blue belt). We are sure that this tradition will continue in the future.

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