Mario Iliev 6 dan held an exam for technical degrees (colored belts)

On June 27, 2021 in the “Be shape studio by Rossen” hall chief instructor Mario Iliev 6 dan held an exam for technical degrees (colored belts). A total of 13 trainees appeared, and 4 of them managed to meet the criteria for 2 degrees. A special guest of the event was master Boris Atanasov 7 dan – President of Advanced Taekwon-do Bulgaria and Advanced Taekwon-do Europe. The students performed excellently, for which they were awarded certificates by ATEU.
Joanna Velikina – 9 groups;
Bozhidara Zhivkova – 9 groups;
Plamen Vladimirov – 9 groups;
Maxim Donchev – 9 groups;
Nikola Leonidov – 8 groups (yellow belt);
Venelin Vlaev (2 degrees) – 8 groups (yellow belt);
Boryana Stefanova (2 degrees) – 6 groups (green belt);
Dimitar Mantarkov (2 degrees) – 6 groups (green belt);
Sevar Minkov – 6 groups (green belt);
Elitsa Miloshova – 4 groups (blue belt);
Ivan Ivanov (2 degrees) – 4 groups (blue belt);
Malamir Minkov – 2nd group (red belt).

Summer camp

Details Hotel Slavyanski, Sunny Beach
Price: BGN 150 per person Duration: 3 days It’s time for Sports, recreation and the sea!
For all of you we organize a summer sports camp, which will be held in the period 02.07.2021. – 04.07.2021 in Sunny Beach.
2 nights
Breakfast and dinner buffet
Tourist tax and insurance
Parking and Wi-Fi, huge pool with round bar
Check-in at the hotel will be on 02.07.21 after 12:00.
The rooms will be vacated on 04.07.21 at 15:00. THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE:
You can sign up by sending your full name and contact phone number to
At the reception in the hall
Deadline for registration – June 26, 2021. (Saturday) PROGRAM FRIDAY 02.07.2021
-Accommodation at the Hotel after 12.00.
-17.30 Kangoo jumps
-18.30 Strong body
-19.30 Beach party SATURDAY 03.07.2021
-9.30h Hunger Games with Oshee
-17.30 Kangoo Jumps
-18.30 Tabata & Aerobics
-19.30 Summer party SUNDAY 04.07.2021
-10.30 Kangoo Jumps
-11.00h Water party
* The organizers reserve the right to make subsequent changes in unforeseen circumstances.


Location: in front of the National Palace of Culture ticket center
When: 15.09.2019 from 15:00 to 19:00

Touch the Happiness Foundation for health, education and development aid , Kango Club Bulgaria, Kango Club MM, Sofia Municipality and the participation of Be Shape.
The biggest Kango jumping in Bulgaria will be a unique and great experience! You can become a part of it!
Sign up to participate now at

Come and jump together with Magi Siderova, Bilyana Yotovska and the international Kangoo Jumps presenters of Bulgaria for a common cause! All funds raised from the event will be donated to help 10-year-old Elena, so she can walk!

She is only 10 years old, suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, but there is hope for her and it is an expensive treatment abroad. The amount of € 45,000 is beyond the reach of the family.
We believe, we can and we do it!

Exam for technical degrees in Be shape studio by Rossen for Тaekwon-Do

We are extremely pleased to announce that, once again, with Sabumnim Mario Iliev (V) Dan in our sports club was held a Taekwon-do Technical Exam for children, adolescents and girls. A special guest at the event was Master Boris Atanassov (VII Dan) – President of Advanced Taekwon-Do Bulgaria, TK “Euroatlas” and Advanced Taekwon-Do Europe. Тhe exam passed smoothly and the students from Martial Arts Academy presented themselves well and received internationally valid certificates from ATEU. Christian Miletiev and Elitsa Milosova defended 8 gup (yellow belt), while Malamir and Zhivko Minkovi – 5 gup (green-blue belt). We are sure that this tradition will continue in the future.

New instructor of our club.

Please welcome Krasi. The new Zumba classes are from 20th of January as follow.

Wednesday from 20.30 to 21.30h. and Sunday from 12.00 to 13.00h.

Zumba® is inspired by a fitness program whit mixes hot latin and pop music with fascinating party moves. Since its inception in 2001, it has become the most comprehensive and successful dance fitness program with more than 15 million followers dancing daily in more than 200,000 locations around the world in more than 180 countries. It replaces difficult and heavy exercises in the gym with something easy and enjoyable with the same effect. Inspired from Latin dance Zumba Fitness program helps to quickly lose weight and model the body. Through aerobic and cardio exercises all muscle groups are loaded. For a workout, an average of between 500 and 700 calories is burned, and it is more fun and enjoyable. The choreographies include: Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Regeton, Rumba, Flamenco and others. We are waiting for you to join this mega class.

Strong by Zumba

Strong by Zumba is very high intensive training, which is perfectly adapted as for the begginers as for the fitness freaks .The music with Strong by Zumba is designed speacially for it , and this is the main difference with all other programs where the music is just a background.
During the training the intensity is so high and its delivering the max loading of your body . As a result you will receive an unique group training .Using your own weight , you will expand the fitness level and your tonus as you ll continue to burn calories even after the training is over.

Him & Her – Different Training on 26th of November

Bulgarian bag и Kangoo Jumps.

We gonna warm up with Kangoo Jumps and Desi Popova then we will continue with the Bulgarian Bag and Nicky Stanchev .

For first time there will be such a unique , wet and exciting combination .

Attention :Please book it in advance , calling on 0886 45 44 05 .

A little bit more info for our gues star :

Nicky Stanchev is Suples Master of Suples Training Systems and will have the honour to introduce to us the Bulgarian Bag – the universal prodigy in the fitness world . As a Bulgarians we should be proud that this product was invented and have been produced in our country . Dont waste this chance , Be Shape by Rossen Nicky and Desi are waiting for You

Straight out for Diabetes

On 11,11,2017 Sporting club Be Shape by Rossen had the honour to participate into the campaign ” Straight out for Diabetes ” . For 3rd consecutive year , Ivet Lalova ( the ambassador of this campaign ) appealed to prevent the Diabetes through healthy eating and a lot of sport . Ivet Lalova along with Chef Stambolov showed us the new technique of preparing fruit sorbetes from mango strawberry and raspberry with liquid nitrogen.
Another speacial guest for this campaign was Rossen Dimitrov from Be Shape by Rossen . Rossen and his team : Desislava Popova , Vasilena Doncheva and Simona Spirova introduced the fineness of the Kangoo Jumps infront of the crowd in THE MALL Sofia .

The happening continued all the day


IMG_4392Daria was born in Russia in 1983. Was dancing from childhood. SInce 16 years she is always doing sports – aerobic, step aerobic, dance classes. Daria has a 3 year experience of Bellydance. In 2012 she moved in Bulgaria, where became a Zumba instructor (November 2012). Since June 2013 – sertificated Kangoo Jumps instructror. She is also a licensed istructor of Kids Zumba, aerobic and BOSU. Do sports with smile and pleasure – this is her motto!

Be Shape Welcomes in his team Pablo Carrasco and Bussy Bogomirova


bisiTuesday and Thursday from 20:30h. to 21:30h.

She has been dancing since 1995. Participates in several modern-ballet Variety, TV shows, both in Bulgaria and abroad including South Korea and Morocco.
Aerobics instructor, diploma from the American University. Licensed Zumba instructor from 2012 and Head of Dance studio NBM Blagoevgrad.








Pablo Carrasco, originally from Seville, Spain, borned in 1987. Studied Sports Science Degree, and is Masters in Physical Condition and Rehabilitation of Injuries by the European University of Madrid.

He is Cycle Indoor Instructor by the Royal Spanish Federation of Aerobics and Fitness (FEDA) since 2008. With more than 5 years of experience in the world of spinning, laughts, fun, energy and calories, will be spent in every class more than ever…
He awaits you every week in the following days:

Tuesday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Thursday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Sunday from 15:30 pm to 16:30pm

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